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My name is Alba.
I' m 9 years old.
I' ve got long dark hair.
I live in Corçà.
I' ve got one brother.His name is Eduard. He is 5 years old.
I like swimming. I like Hanna Montana.
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I don' t like football. I don' t like basketball.
My favourite shop is the music shop. It's behind the pet shop.
You can buy MP3, CDs, CD players...

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I get up at eight o'clock
I have breakfast at quarter to nine.
I go to school at nine o' clock.
I go home at one o'clock.
I have lunch at quarter past two.
I watch television at two o'clock.
I have dinner at nine o'clock.
I go to bed at ten o'clock.

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My aunt gave me book EL GRAN MUSICAL for sant Jordi.