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My name is David. I'm 10 years old.

I've got brown eyes.

I've got black hair.

I'm wearing a grey tracksuit, a blue fleece, an orange t-shirt and grey trainers.

I've got a collection of stamps.

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And a collection of coins.

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I am an only child.

I live in La Bisbal.

I like playing basketball and playing football.

I don't like school and tests.

I like melon and bananas but I don't like fish and vegetables.

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My favorite shop is a pet shop. It's opposite the computer shop.

You can buy parrots, cats, dogs, birds and hamsters.

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This is my car
It's black and white.
It's a volkswagen jetta.

Its got 4 doors, 6 windows, 4 wheels and 1 engine.

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This is my van.
It's grey. It is a nissan vanette. It's got 4 doors, 8windows, 4 wheels and 1engine.

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This is my motorbike. It's got 2 wheels and 1 engire.

This is my motorbike. I like it.
external image yamaha-fazer.jpg

It's got 2 wheels and 1 engire.

I get up at seven o'clock.I have breakfast at half past seven.
Then go to school at half past nine.I go home at five o'clock
I have dinner at seven o'clock and i watch television at eight o'clock